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You have teleportesis? Can you hear what I'm thinking right now?

about me

"A great love is a lot like a good memory. When it's there, and you know it's there, but it's just out of your reach, it can be all that you think about. Then you can focus on it and try to force it, but the more you do, the more you seem to push it away. But if you're patient and you hold still, well maybe, just maybe, it'll come to you. And I mean hell...if you have to live the rest of your life in a memory...you might as well make it a good one."

You've stumbled upon the online blog of Amanda, a 24 year old daydreamer, socialite, and free spirit who's married to a Coastie. I am very random, silly, and like to have fun and take it easy. My LJ is Friends Only, comment to be added. Thanks for stopping by :D!

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